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the top ten car manufacturers initiated the establishment of a modified club

Updated: Sep 23, 2019

Recently, China's automobile modification industry policy exchange meeting was held in Beijing. Shi Jianhua, deputy secretary general of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, presided over the meeting. Yasn International Group, the organizer of the international automobile upgrade kit and modified car exhibition, and BMW, Daimler, Representatives from nearly 1

0 well-known auto companies such as Fiat Chrysler, Audi, Jaguar Land Rover, Nissan, Toyota, and Porsche attended the meeting. The meeting decided that the China Automobile Industry Association set up a car modification branch, which is scheduled to be modified by AIT on October 18-20, 2019. Officially released during the exhibition.

Xie Yu, President of Yasn International, stressed at the meeting that AIT, as a professional and internationalized modified exhibition platform, should also undertake the social function of promoting the development of the industry. Yasn International will give full play to the Group's 16 years of exhibition resources and experience in the automotive aftermarket, and will continue to introduce new brands and successful business models to China, so that the links between professional remodeling stores and brands will be more smooth, and will be expanded. Let the provinces and cities agents, and nearly one million beauty maintenance stores, fast repair fast-keeping stores, professional repair shops, 4S and other forms of stores (referred to as washing the US) can quickly contact the modification, and do a good job of modification.

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