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The wheel hub has been upgraded according to the basis, and the modification is legal

Car modification is a process from originalization to individualization. With the continuous growth of car ownership, the consumer groups are younger, and more and more people who like to be personalized like to be different from others and pursue individuality. In 2018, the State Council issued a favorable news document on the development of the conversion industry, and the Ministry of Commerce also urged the accelerated development of documents to regulate the development of the industry. With the implementation of the relevant mandatory safety standards, the wheel hub upgrade can be changed according to the law of the vehicle management system, which means that the wheel hub modification is about to be legalized. I believe this news must be the news that the modified car owners are excited.

However, in view of the non-opening of the modification policy, many car owners cannot pass the car inspection after replacing the wheel hub. Many owners have to replace the original wheel hub to deal with the inspection. It is precisely because the country did not force the quality of the wheel before this. The standard also allows some products for the benefit of the safety factor to flow into the market, resulting in many accidents caused by broken hubs. Therefore, the relevant departments will certainly not recognize that the modified wheel is legalized. In the communication with Wang Xiaodong, the secretary-general of China Aluminum Wheel Association, he obtained information on the safety performance requirements and experimental methods of automobile wheels. It was officially implemented on January 1, 2020, and can meet the requirements of the Ministry of Public Security for checking cars. The wheel replacement audit is legalized. (GB36581 "Safety Performance Requirements and Test Methods for Automobile Wheels" released in September 2018, after a one-and-a-half-year transition period, will officially become the national mandatory standard on New Year's Day in 2020)  The mandatory national standards for wheels and tires are fully released, and the production standards of the industry are regulated. At the same time, the upgrade and modification of wheels and tires have national mandatory standards. As long as the products modified or upgraded meet the national standards, they can be based on the Motor Vehicle Registration Regulations. Relevant requirements of Article 15: “Except as otherwise provided by laws, regulations and national compulsory standards” The legal use of compliant products for the upgrading of vehicle hubs shall be changed according to law.

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