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Automobile Manufacturers start to play important role on AIT show

On October 22, 2021 AIT show) kicked off at the GD Modern International Exhibition Center. As a professional event dedicated to the Greater Bay Area and focusing on the field of auto refitting, AIT became the only integrated vehicle A professional refitting exhibition for factories and refitting brands.


At this exhibition, 7 OEMs including BMW, FAW Audi, FAW-Volkswagen, FAW Jetta, Lynk & Co, SAIC MG, and GAC Trumpchi entered the exhibition strongly. The original factory modified cars and original kits have been launched continuously, attracting countless eyes!

New BMW X3 M and New BMW X4 M
BMW M Performance Parts kit released

As a new force in the BMW M family, these two new cars are equipped with M-exclusive 3.0-liter inline six-cylinder twin-turbocharged engines. Among them, the peak torque of the Thunder version has increased by 50 Nm, and the acceleration from 100 km/h is 0.3 seconds faster. The maximum output power is 510 horsepower, the peak torque is 650 N·m, and the excellent performance of 3.8 seconds of acceleration from 100 kilometers to 100 kilometers makes its performance comparable to high-performance sports cars.

BMW unveiled a series of new high-performance kits. The BMW M Performance high-performance series accessories dedicated to the new BMW X4 M, the new BMW M4 convertible coupe, and the innovative BMW iX were unveiled at the auto show, attracting countless eyes.

FAW Audi: RS, S series,
ABT's new ASQ5 kit debut

The RS and S series have appeared on the FAW Audi booth. The RS series are high-performance models under the Audi brand structure. The S series models have relatively ‘moderate’ performance, but they can also ride the track and conquer the streets. In addition, ABT's new ASQ5 helped the FAW Audi booth debut.


The biggest highlight of FAW-Volkswagen in this exhibition is the four customized modified cars. Tange, Tanying, Tanyue, and Lanjing are representatives of Volkswagen’s SUV family. Based on the customized modification of these four models, more It is an important attempt to "explore" forward on the road of how to modify SUVs.

FAW Jetta: VS7 Rally Edition First Show

The classic CRC Jetta King car has awakened people's track memory, and the "most grumpy in history" VS5 and the VS7 rally version shown for the first time also evoked rally passion on the big stage of AIT.

Lynk & Co 03+Cyan customized version

The customized version of Lynk&Co 03+Cyan is based on the modification and upgrade of the 03 prototype. The fastest acceleration from 100 kilometers to 100 kilometers is 5.7 seconds. It is the original factory modification that can be legally used on the road~

GAC Trumpchi: Shadow Leopard

Trumpchi models have always been good at power handling, and the Trumpchi without corners is an image metaphor. The Shadow Leopard can be regarded as a 100,000-level "street fighter", and it looks like a coupe, with a speed of 6.95 seconds to 100 kilometers. Compared with the same level of models, the Shadow Leopard can be said to be the first choice for young people as "civilian supercars".

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