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10 tips to make your exhibit experience more successful – Small things that make difference

1. Greeting & Addressing

In addition to NIHAO and XIEXIE, XINGHUI (It is charming to meet you) also can be used during the greeting. Your business partner will appreciate if you can use some simple Chinese word. Another thing should be aware of is that, in China, we put surname on the front and name on the back. A majority of people address others with their titles or Mr./Ms. followed by their surname.













2. Prepare bilingual business cards

Exchanging business card is an essential part, as it can provide the exact information of the name and title. Providing bilingual business card for visitors, using both hands when accepting a business card and review carefully can show respect.













3. Provide hot water

Chinese people like to drink hot water whenever in summer or winter. Visitors will be glad if serving tea for them at the booth. Therefore, get a water cooker if possible.













4. Dining manner

If you are invited by someone or inviting someone for a Chinese Style dining, make sure seating in a certain order. Also, please be reminded that: do not start eating before others; do not stick the chopsticks straight into the bowl; do not make noise during eating.












5. Choose the word carefully

Normally, Chinese people prefer to speak indirectly, what it means that they hardly give a strong negative statement. Thus, it is better to use “we will think about it” rather than “NO”.












6. Avoid given specific gifts

Do not prepare gifts such as watches, clocks and green hats for Chinese guests. If you want to give flowers as a gift, please avoid chrysanthemums - these items have negative meanings in Chinese. And the gift should not be too expensive especially for the government officer.












7. Apply correct body language

Please avoid point at the person by finger frequently during conversation. Also, if you want beckon to someone, make sure your palms facing up.












8. Start the right conversation topic

Avoid political topic such as Taiwan, Tibet, and Hong Kong to keep basic respect.












9. The important of “Face”

“Face”, which can be translated into “honor”, “appreciation” or “recognition”, is a significant part of Chinese culture. It is critical to “keep face” (showing respect) especially for elder and politicians.












10. Follow up after the show

The real work begins after the exhibition. Sending email for detailed information, processing further negotiations, collecting feedbacks to achieve the win-win situation.

Business Card
Brewing Tea;hot water
Fine Restaurant;fine dining;dining manner
Social Gathering;verbal;choose the word carefully
Present Surprise;gift;prepare gift
Networking Event;correct body language
Co Workers;conversation;topic
Working Together;respect;recognition
Market Analysis; questionare;survey;feedback
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