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Exploring Bigger Tuning Market !!!

It's all about...

About All in Tuning (AIT show)
16 years, we are dedicated......




8 Years, from Car Modification exhibiting area in CIAACE aftermarket show to a entire Exhibition hall.

Disengaged from CIAACE Expo, the 1st time as an independent Car Tuning Expo in Beijing International Exhibition center.

Tokyo Auto Salon Join AIT as international sponsors, It laid a very solid foundation for AIT to go international.




Restart in Dongguan, China Association of Automobile Manufactures Join AIT a co-organizer.

China Association of Automobile Manufactures Car Tuning Branch are officially established. The Branch Association are Committed to Promote the development of the Car Tuning industry.

Automobile Manufactures are start to play very key role in AIT show. New car parts product launch conference are taken placed  as Events in AIT show. BWN, Audi, Lynk, debut in AIT Show.


7 Automobile Maunfactures Join AIT, BWW, Auto, FAW-Volkswagen, GAC, MG, Jetta,  Lynk, join AIT.

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