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China Auto Modification industry Summit Forum

Host: China Association of Automobile Manufacturers

Co-Organizer: China Association of Automobile Manufacturers Tuning Branch

Strategic Co-organizer: Yasn International Exhibition ltd.

Special Co-organizer: China Association of Automobile Manufacturers off-road Branch

International Supporter: 三榮書房(Japan), D1 GRAND PRIX Organizing Committee

Special Supporter: China European Economic and Technical Cooperation Association

                              China Driving Alliance

                              Guangdong Automobile Industry Association

                              Guangdong Automobile Dealers Association

                              Chongqing Automobile Business Association

                              AUTO home Inc.

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At present, China's auto market is changing from quantity expansion to quality improvement, and incremental market to stock market. In the new development stage, consumption around the use links such as car modification and after-sales service has increasingly become a key area of ​​auto consumption. The auto market in 2020 In the case of overall downturn, the contrarian growth of the car modification market further supports this trend. In this context, it is of great significance to study and judge new trends in the field of personalized customization modification, leading related companies to adapt to changes in demand, and to expand new growth points for automobile consumption.

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