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"Act Now" has become an industry consensus

Updated: Sep 23, 2019

Looking back 30 years, since the reform and opening up, the stock and increment of China's private car market has continued to grow, driving the prosperity of 4S stores, followed by auto parts and supplies. With the establishment of the China Automobile Reconstruction Branch by the car manufacturer, the signs of the car factory entering the market are becoming more and more clear. Once the car company enters the market, the remodelability is considered in the product design stage, which can deepen the market space for the car modification. Therefore, the car modification industry chain is running around the car after the car modification market is an inevitable trend. The “Blue Ocean” market for car modification is taking shape, and “a larger modification market” has been clearly and surely presented. On October 18-20, the 2019 China International Auto Upgrade Kit and Modified Car Exhibition, co-sponsored by China Association of Automobile Manufacturers and Yasen International Group, will be held in Dongguan. There will be 1000 modified brands worldwide, and more than 2,000 new products will be exhibited. The national refit shop and a large number of "washing beauty" prophets will be swarmed.

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