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Car factory upstream push sign modification speed

Looking at the world, combing the history can be found: the prosperity of the automobile modification industry in developed countries has a common law, that is, the real promotion of the transformation and prosperity is the modification culture, and the OEM is the key to accelerate the formation of the modified culture. For example, the US government allows the establishment of a special car custom factory, as long as the modification conditions can be applied for registration, allowing the customized car to be customized according to the owner's requirements. For example, if a product is guaranteed to comply with the road traffic law and security benchmark requirements, the general modification project does not need to be reported to the competent authority.

The car factory cut into the modification industry and started it in the way of upstream pulling. When designing a car, the car factory will consider the diversification of the car owner and the individual needs of the car owner after purchasing the car. To this end, a large number of talents have poured into the middle and lower reaches of the automobile modification industry. In the upstream with the car factory, many well-known car modification companies, such as Mercedes-Benz and AMG, BMW and ACSCHNITZER, Audi and ABT, Toyota and TRD, etc.; in the middle reaches, the birth of professional circulation companies and planning agencies; Professional conversion agencies and modified famous stores, such as the "Initial D" invited by the AIT Refit Exhibition last year, the famous 86 modified car of the Mid-Autumn famous mountain prototype Tsuchiya Kyu, is a professional shop from the private sector. At the AIT Refit Exhibition, thousands of people lined up to wait for the autographed by Tsuchiya Kei, to show the potential of Chinese car modification culture from another angle.

At present, in China, although the car modification is still not open enough, the signal of mass release has been released. As mentioned above, “car modification is an important means of consumption upgrade from the national level”, and “maintenance qualification is approved by the approval system”. By changing to a filing system, these positive changes will become more and more intensive. China's independent automobile brands are also advancing in time: At the Geneva Motor Show this year, the Great Wall and the German company Babs officially cooperated to launch a customized version of the high-end models incorporating the modified process. As early as last year, Geely Automobile also converted the Lingke 03 into a sports version, a track version and a track safety car. Guangzhou Automobile Chuanqi tried to push high from the post-market. In January of this year, GAC Chuanqi also held a refit competition. Chuan said that the deeper significance of the contest is to further explore the personalized travel.

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