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Communication Workshop on Tuning Car Industry Policy Successfully Held.

On July 25, in collaboration with China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM), a communication workshop on tuning car industry policy was successfully held in Beijing. This is the first time that a dedicated platform is created jointly by OEMs and industry association to share the status quo and facing challenges & opportunities of tuning car industry – a special and professional segment along the automotive industry value chain, which offers enormous potential for various stakeholders.

Mr. Shi Jianhua, Deputy Secretary General of CAAM, Mr. Du Daofeng, Director of Department of Auto Parts, Clifford Kang, Vice President of Aftersales of BMW Brilliance, Ms. Xie Min, Vice President of Government Affairs, together with representatives from other OEMs, including Daimler, Fiat Chrysler, Audi, JLR, Nissan, GM, Toyota, Porsche, as well as exhibitor YASN Group, attended the workshop.

In his opening speech, Mr. Shi Jianhua highly appreciated BMW Brilliance’s efforts and contribution to this workshop. In recent years, with the rapid development of China's automobile industry, the demand for tuning vehicles has become more and more vigorous in the market. However, the lack of standard construction and certification system, and the disordered development of the market restrict the development of the industry. It urgently needs a professional industry organization or committee, which shall play an important role and provide support to government’s decision-making process, foster the regulation & standardization construction, guide the development of various market players, and guarantee the interests of consumers. Under this background, CAAM decided to establish a tuning vehicle branch in the near future, aiming to promote and accelerate the development of this industry, stimulate the consumption and satisfy the people’s desire for a better life.

Mr. Du delivered a comprehensive presentation on current status of Chinese tuning vehicle industry, compulsory and stimulating policies in general, automobile safety related technical standards. He emphasized that the safety and compliance must be absolute priority. He further introduced the significance, purpose and scope of the new branch, and follow-up steps. Mr. Xie Yu, President of YASN Group provided an insightful research & analysis of Chinese tuning vehicle market potential, shared his thoughts on how to push forward the standardization construction and enable a supportive policy environment from government side. He encouraged the OEMs to leverage their advanced experience abroad, actively introduce leading tuning products, technologies and business mode into Chinese market, thus make contribution to volume increase and awareness enhancement.

The representatives from OEMs highly valued this platform, shared challenges from manufacturer & dealer side, and committed to active engagement and close cooperation with association and peers with regard to standard setting-up process as the first step. Mr. Shi summarized the workshop as very successful. He pointed out that the OEMs present are leading ones in the market, who shall be the backbone power for accelerating the development of tuning vehicle market. With the joint efforts between OEMs and CAAM, a breakthrough must be achieved in the near future, with determination and full of confidence in our own strength.

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