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High Performance Car Show in

Exploring Bigger Tuning Market !!!

It's all about...

China Tuning Market

Unleash a

Trillion $$$


The most


niche market

Tuning for

the Future


Late Bloomer

All in Tuning Show            


Tuned Vehicles, Performance Cars, Vintage vehicles, Off Road Vehicles, Hot rod

Aftermarket Parts & Supplies:

Tire & Rims, Exhaust System, Lubes & Oil, Braking, Carbon Fiber Products, Nuts & Bolts, Power Editer, Oil Feeding System, Air Intake System, Lighting System, Auto Body Strengthening Part, Suspension System, Auto Sound Systems, Aerodynamic, Ignition System, ECM, Cooling System, Turbocharger System, Engine, Automotive Interior, Seats, Special Tools, Fashion

OutDoor Events:

AIT Car Cruise

IASCA International Auto Sound Challenge 

CAV show Auto Sound Modification Contest 

MECA Auto Sound Contest

AIT Drift Zone

Secret Party, HellaFlush Show,

China Load Exhaust Battle

AIT Car Tuning Fashion Zone

AIT Style show

Indoor Events:

China Association of Automobile Manufactures (CAAM) Tuning Branch Founding Congress

2019 Premier Car Tuning Shore Award Ceremony

International Tuning Brand of the Year Award

Domestic Tuning Brand of the Year Award

Store Empowerment Training

Super Profitable Project Sharing Conference

All in Tuning Welcome Dinner

Asia Custom Car Contest - Grand Prix China Final

2019 AIT VIP Buyer Business Matchmaking

2019 AIT International Buyer Business Matchmaking

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