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The Tuning Branch of the China Association of Automobile manufacturers (CAAM)

China Associatio of Autobobile Manufactures (CAAM)

In the past 20 years, China's automobile industry has developed rapidly.
Total Car ownership in China at 2018 reached 240 million.
It is predicted that China's car ownership will exceed 500 million by 2025.
The high-growth, low-permeability car ownership and the diversified and personalized pursuit of consumer groups have brought the development potential of China's modification market.
According to international development experience, the corresponding conversion market size will reach 2-3 trillion yuan.
After 2020, the market scale of automobiles Aftermarket will exceed 1 trillion yuan;
Among them, the proportion of automobile Tuning industry will increase from 3% to 10%.
Due to the lack of regulations and standards in the industry at present, the automobile Tuning industry has not been standardized and developed in a large scale.
The purpose of establishing the Tuning Branch of the China Association of Automobile manufacturers is to build a bridge between the government and the market and enterprises, and to coordinate the healthy development of the industry.

All in Tuning High Performance Car Show

All in Tuning High Performance Car Show (AIT Show) is one of the major platform under the association, to promote international cooperation, trade, technological and business exchange.

Our Goal is to create China's most professional and international auto aftermarket show.

Exploring Bigger Tuning Market !!!

It's all about...

What you can find on AIT High Performance Car show?


Tuned Vehicles, Performance Cars, vintage vehicles, Off Road Vehicles

     Aftermarket Parts & Supplies:

Wheel & Tire, Exhaust System, Lubes & Oil, Braking, Carbon Fiber Products, Nuts & Bolts, Power Editer, Oil Feeding System, Air Intake System, Lighting System, Auto Body Strengthening Part, Suspension System, Auto Sound Systems, Aerodynamic, Ignition System, ECM, Cooling System, Turbocharger System, Engine, Automotive Interior, Seats, Special Tools

      Out Door Events:

Modified Car Cruise

IASCA International Auto Sound Challenge 

CAV show Auto Sound Modification Contest 

MECA Auto Sound Contest

AIT Drift Zone

Secret Part, Low Rider Contest,

China Car Exhaust Battle

AIT Car Tuning Fashion Zone

AIT Style show

      Indoor Events:

China Association of Automobile Manufactures (CAAM) Tuning Branch Founding Congress

2019 Premier Car Tuning Shore Award Ceremony

Store Empowerment Training

All in Tuning Welcome Dinner

Asia Custom Car Contest - Grand Prix China Final

2019 AIT VIP Buyer Business Matchmaking

2019 AIT Super Profitable Project Sharing Conference

2019 AIT International Buyer Business Matchmaking